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Chair Directory

Cimarron PTO Officers & Committee Chairs    

2017 – 2018

President:      Heather Selby  405-476-8526  president.cimarronms@gmail.com

Vice-Pres:            Amber Loberg 806-670-3000  amberloberg@yahoo.com         

Secretary:            Jennifer Fett 405-471-1319

Treasurer:            Heather Selby  405-476-8526  hdselby@gmail.com

Box Tops:              Julie Schneider 405-340-8687  jschneider814@yahoo.com

Community Biz:  Shana Myers 405-823-5942  slmyers@cox.net

Check Writing:       Julie Hoff 405-229-3302   Hoffj12@yahoo.com

Krispy Kreme         Katie Rucker 561-789-8948  rucker.hobbs@gmail.com

Hospitality:            Sherry Coit  405-630-8854    s.coit@yahoo.com

Panther Grille:     Michele Matthews  c6j4t119@gmail.com

Panther Grille:      Tyna Kelley  tyna1021@yahoo.com

Panther Pals:         Kay Hurley 405-202-8929  kayhurleyok@gmail.com

Pizza Days:            Louisa Kinzer 469-831-9407  justkinzer@aol.com

Pizza Days:            Holly Smith 405-513-3273  hs50782@hotmail.com

Spirit Wear:          Amber Loberg 806-670-3000  amberloberg@yahoo.com         

Staff Appreciation:   Laura Jarvis 405-834-7493  laura@pinkink.us

Staff Appreciation:   

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