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Glad you stopped by our webpage.  Helen Keller once said “alone, we can do so little, together, we can do so much.” So let’s stick together to make these 3 years @ Cimarron the best experience for all!

Our PTO is a non-profit (tax-exempt) organization designed to develop closer connections between school & home by encouraging parent involvement; to enhance the educational experience by supporting academic & enrichment activities; to improve the environment @ our school by providing volunteer & financial support.

There are so many opportunities to share your gifts & talents/volunteering/ serving our Cimarron Community. Do you like to be around middle schoolers themselves? Sign up to sell pizza on Pizza Days or sell candy & soda on Fun Food Fridays.  Do you like to bake?  Sign up to bake treats for our various school events/staff appreciation activities. Do you have a green thumb & love to get your hands dirty?  Sign up to beautify our campus through the PTO Beautification Committee. Do you have FOMO? Fear of Missing Out?  Come to our PTO monthly meetings to be the first to get the insiders reports aka Principal/Teacher/Counselor reports!  Do you like to delegate & be a leader?  Volunteer to serve as a PTO Committee Chairperson or serve on the Executive Board.

There is a place for everyone to volunteer & guess what?!  Research shows that people who volunteer are 42% more likely than people who don’t to say they are ” VERY HAPPY”:-)

Got a tween/teen?
Just. Keep. Swimming.
Parenting Survival Tips for the Tween/Early Teen years by Katie Hurley, LCSW, website Practical Parenting. 

  • Be a parent (respectful one of course), not a friend – They need help during this confusing time as they experience massive physical and emotional changes. Help them cope and handle difficult situations.
  • Set clear expectations – Rules and limits should grow with their age. Give them some wiggle room to be themselves but teach them balance between asserting themselves and adhering to limits.
  • Communicate often – listen first respond accordingly. Tell them about your day too. Communication is two ways.
  • Help them find their strengths – Confident tweens make good choices.
  • Make time for one-on-one face to face (let them choose the activity and lead the conversation)
  • Make sure there is a feeling of safety and security at home.
  • When the stress hits, give them or yourself space if needed.
  • Avoid responding to anger with anger.
  • You will hear go away or leave me alone. It’s normal. Don’t take it personal. At some point, they will need a safety net and need to know you will always be there for them to be their guide and to help them when they want or need you the most.
  • A sense of humor helps!
  • When they (tween/teen) seems the most unlovable is when they need our love the most.
  • When angry, speak an octave softer rather than louder.
  • Don’t take their attitude or behavior personally.
  • Find your strengths and take care of yourself, (put on your own oxygen mask before putting on the child’s)

ADDED from Parents @ one of our very own CPTO meetings:
“Say 4 positives to 1 negative.”
“Let them fail, especially when they are under your roof.”
“Don’t sweat the small stuff.”
“Pick your battles and pray a lot!!!”
“Ask on Friday if there is a homework assignment due Monday.”
“Give 30 mins. “chill time” after school before asking a bunch of questions.”
“Don’t kill them ☺”
“Encourage them to be themselves. Dare to be different and be unique.”
“Don’t dread Middle school: all 4 of my kids loved it.”
“Choose your battles.”

Any Survival tips you’d like to share? How have you navigated the ups and downs of the tween/teen years? Leave a comment-


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